Saturday, September 21, 2013


I wrote a long and wonderful bit on altruism and Ayn Rand. I was researching and adding some great quotes and references when I found that libertarianism.org had already written some great stuff on the subject. 

I had a bit of a struggle fully embracing anti-altruism. I am a Christian and also a Marine. I HAVE lived for the sake of others. I figured out much on my own, but I should have read the libertarianism.org material earlier. It would have saved me some brain cells. Here is the link to "Part 1." http://www.libertarianism.org/publications/essays/excursions/ayn-rand-altruism-part-1

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Republican Party

The largest issue facing the Republican party today isn't abortion, drugs, or even the economy. It is the division in ranks. A unified base would have elected Romney. How could we have done that?

First, let's look at the division. The party is made up mostly of three groups and a combination of two.

Libertarians are the smallest. Even if conservative, they put liberty and free markets ahead of other agendas. They have little structure as the Libertarian Movement was very anarchist and the newer ranks are filled with conspiracy theorists. Alex Jones is a smart guy but he makes Ron Paul look normal. Paul is the idol of many conservative libertarians yet few say they agree with everything he believes.

Neo-Cons or "The Christian Right" is the largest. They put almost all conservative values ahead of liberty and free markets. They value legislating morality. If Rick Santorum were from Alabama, he would be worshipped as their leader.

Moderates are a scary bunch because they will sell your soul to get votes for their ideas. "Reaching Across The Aisle" like John McCain is a perfect example. He has helped pass a great deal of bad legislation like McCain-Feingold. Good intent, bad consequences. RATA is how we have spent so much money. "Vote for my bill and I'll vote for yours," or even better, "put this in your bill that has nothing to do with your bill that won't stand on its own and I'll vote for your bill."

The worst is when you combine the Moderates with the Neocons. Newt Gingrich was able to get welfare reform passed by RATA. Sounded good at first until we found out he gave the Democrats Earned Income Credit. It ended up costing taxpayers a great deal more than we were paying for welfare.

All will vote for a Republican over a Democrat except one group. Libertarians. Without their vote, the Republican nominee doesn't stand a chance. If the nominee was a Libertarian and a Christian from the south even better. Even if Romney would have picked a VP with these credentials, Libertarians would have come out of the woodwork to put Romney over the top. Many didn't vote, some voted for Johnson, and some for Obama.

Many smart and respectable people were pulling for candidates like Santorum, McCain, and Gingrich.  We need to find the common ground and unite against big government. I truly believe that Liberty is the common ingredient. Conservative values are the icing on the cake. We need to stop arguing about stuff in which we don't agree and move to reduce the size and scope of government. We should all agree with that.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Church and State

As most conservatives have done in the past, I have also defended attacks from the left when they go on the offensive against Christianity. When they say "separation of church and state" is constitutional or that the Ten Commandments have no place in government, it has always provoked a bit of a laugh and a slightly more educated rebuttal from me. Not only are they wrong about the contents of the constitution, our government was founded by Christians with strong influence from the Bible.

Here is where I have been mistaken in the past; I believed that our constitution centered around Biblical principles. As much influence as the Bible and Christian values had on our founding documents, they were not the central theme of the Constitution or the reason we fought Britain in the first place. The central tenet was liberty.

This doesn't sit well with many conservatives or liberals for different reasons. Both extremes want to protect us from ourselves. Whether it's drinking, smoking, eating, owning a firearm, or wearing a seatbelt; both Republicans and Democrats have used more government as a solution to keep us safer. For liberals, and some libertarians, having the 10 commandments displayed in a courtroom goes against some secret amendment that says "separation of church and state." They are still wrong. That law still doesn't exist. Where conservatives have gone wrong is turning into Pharisees and creating laws that give government more power in the name of safety and security. 

Hate crimes are bad, but there are already laws that cover those crimes. Additional laws are not required. The same goes for speeding or DUI laws.  If you cause a wreck, you have committed a crime. Speeding or DUI can increase the risk of wrecking, but they should not be crimes themselves. Pre-crimes should not exist. Christian conservatives (which I consider to be one) are quick to propose legislation to impose a sense of better morality. That is much closer to a violation of the secret amendment of separation of church and state than displaying the Ten Commandments. 

Years ago, The Libertarian Movement was much closer to anarchists than today's Libertarians. The thought of less laws to some conservatives sounds like anarchy. Remember, we don't desire to rid ourselves of government, we simply want to reduce the size and scope of government.

There are a number of Libertarians that are atheist, and although I welcome their freedom of religion, I don't believe we can have a limited government without religion. It is the churches that take the lead in caring for those in need. There are private organizations that also step up to help others but I see organized religion as the catalyst for the sense of selflessness and giving spirit.

The government's position should be encouraging personal responsibility and not encourage joblessness or entitlement. The fiscal security of our country should be the central focus of our government, not human resources.

Ayn Rand's ideal business and limited government model should be balanced with Christian values. Both are dependent on the other for a healthy society. When government grows unchallenged and we lose Christian values, it's like trying to walk with one leg shorter than the other. The longer leg is trying to make up for the shorter one and grows needier every step. When we incorporate more Christian values into law, we are removing personal responsibility, the gift of giving, and the sense of empowerment. The longer leg will continue to take more resources from the body and the other will atrophy. 

Separation of church and state is not a law. We don't need to remove the Ten Commandments from the walls of the Supreme Court, remove God's name from our currency, or change the Pledge of Allegience. What we do have to be mindful of is that we keep the responsibilities of government separate from that of the church. Our founding fathers were mindful of this and knew the dangers of government controlled religion. Liberty gives us the strength for our society to be balanced. 

Friday, January 4, 2013


What is more important? Legislating conservative values or reducing the size of government? This is the crossroads at which many Republicans find themselves standing. I have friends and family that are in the neo-con camp that believe the former. I obviously believe in a smaller government.

Fear is a powerful motivator. My fear is that a large reckless government will bankrupt our country, take our liberties away, and help create more international conflict. Neo-con's fear is that a large stoned gay illegal immigrant will open a basement abortion clinic next door with a Mosque upstairs. Meanwhile, liberals fear that they may need to get a job and have to plan for their future.

My favorite response to people that are afraid of the large gay illegal immigrant is, "why does it matter?" "How does that affect who you are and the life you live?" Angry scared conservatives are just as likely to grow our government as angry scared liberals.

The worst part of our two party system is that bipartisanship only GROWS our government. The majority of Americans prefer to have congress and the president be controlled by different parties. Why? Because they think the two parties give each other checks and balances. The truth is they both write checks and our budget never balances.

Republicans need to figure out which road they are going to take. Right now, we are divided and will not stand a chance in 2016 if we don't make a decision.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Kid Rock Americans

Not to watch with the kids, but this is a great short put together by Kid Rock and Sean Penn.


After George W. Bush was elected the first time and the second time, liberals screamed how embarrassed they were to be Americans and swore that they were leaving the country. Amazingly, that didn't happen. After both of Obama's wins, conservatives asked why do the few liberal states speak for the majority of states and said they want to secede from the USA. Amazingly, they won't.

We need to stop being sore losers and start focusing on what will fix our country. I believe it is important for Americans to have conservative values; however, I also believe it is important to not force those values upon others. The Republican Party has become an overbearing HOA.

The focus Republicans need is on limiting the size of government. Most Republican politicians talk a good game, but most of them just want to limit the programs they don't like. True reform needs to be made and we all need to be willing to trim from programs/budgets we favor.

As long as conservative values are being pushed into the GOP agenda, Republicans will continue to lose national elections. Be proud to be a conservative, but be clear that reducing the size of government is most important. But nobody likes an HOA.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Next Four Years

I am still amazed at "conservatives" that have rallied behind Romney. I understand that many of them oppose Obama more so than actually favor Romney, but when will Republicans learn that big government candidates can't fix our problems? I recognize that there are differences between Romney and Obama, as well as Republican and Democrat. I also recognize that difference is getting blurrier every year. The efforts to work together to achieve a common goal are noble, but "reaching across the aisle" and trading votes to get favored legislation passed has only grown our centralized government and made things worse. I understand that voting for Johnson is a vote for Obama, but I'm OK with that given our options. The next 4 years are guaranteed to be bad under either of them. When will Americans rally behind Liberty?